A beacon for the future

There’s no doubt about it the Olympic games were fantastic and I found myself watching them as much as I could. But something that may have slipped our attention was the fact that at the heart of the plans for the Olympics was sustainability.

Here are some interesting facts during the design and construction of the Olympic stadium and it’s surrounding facilities including the velodrome, athletes village, hockey centre, energy centre and press centre.

80% of all the contaminated soils were cleaned on-site and re-used, saving £68 million

98.5% of demolition material was either reused or recycled, diverting at least 425,000 tonnes of waste from landfill

100% of the timber used on-site was certified as legal and sustainable

530 meter cubed of rainwater harvesting from the velodrome roof will be used each year to flush toilets and for irrigation

2,000 tonnes of waste were removed from the Olympic park by barge

3,200 tonnes of carbon will be saved each year by using a 3.3 MW gas-fired combined cooling, heating and power engine and a 3MW biomass boiler to generate heat and power

46 million litres of non-potable water will be supplied to the site annually by the UK’s largest black water treatment facility

60,000 tonnes of silt, gravel and rubble, as well as tyres shopping trolleys, timber and an entire car, were removed from the waterways on the site

178 bird habitats and 66 bat habitats have been created on the parks bridges, with 635 nest and bat boxes installed throughout the site. Another 40 will be installed by 2014

170,000 tonnes of recycled and secondary aggregate were used in concrete mixes, saving 30,000 tonnes of embodied carbon and eliminating more than 70,000 lorry movements

4 million tonnes of goods will have been moved by rail by the start of the games, saving 120,000 tonnes of carbon

There’s no doubt about it this Olympic Park development has the potential to become a beacon for the planning, design and delivery of future large-scale projects.

Olympic Park, London 2012