What is normal ? (part 2)

Do we get our idea of normal from our families, from the people who have had the most direct influence over us in our fomative years? Do we only recognise that our “normal” is not typical when we leave our families and move to another city or nation or when we get married ?

Are we unsure about what we really believe because we have believed it for so long, since long before we developed the ability to separate true from false ? Could it be that in order to survive our culture, society and a shifting environment, that people try to control each others beliefs. Taking the information they possess, to try and gain the advantage.

 Well known author Steven Covey who died recently, of the best-selling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, tells of a story when he was riding in a subway car, exhausted from a long day of work and enjoying a pleasant journey home. The subway car stopped and the door opened and a man with his four children got in. The children began to amuse themselves by running from one end of the carriage to the other, screaming and making a real racket. Stephen became extremely frustrated by how the father was  allowing his children to run wild, not even aware of their behaviour.

One of the children eventually stumbled over an elderly lady who yelped and then Stephen lost it. He had enough and jumped up and walked over to the father and said,

 “Heh! Don’t you see what your children are doing?”

 The father looked up in a daze and replied,

 “Oh, I’m sorry. We are just coming back from the hospital and their mother has just died. They just don’t know what to do.”

Stephen was stunned by the information and said,

 “Oh, I am so sorry. Stay right there and let me help you with your children.”

 In an instant Stephen had gone from frustrated and angry to very helpful. Why ? because he received some new information and what he had believed to be true about the situation changed immediately. The behaviours that came from his belief system changed, too.

To be continued…………..

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