What is normal ? (part1)

I never use to have an interest in golf or have a clue how this whole game worked. To be honest I can’t say I every really liked the sport or even desired to watch it; never mind even try to play it. I just did’t get it or understand how anyone could really have the patience to play this game or the passion to even watch guys hitting a little ball around a course; trying to get it into a hole in the ground. It just appeared to be such a boring game. What is it that gets so many people interested in this sport ?

It’s funny how things can change.

Last summer I went for a few golf lessons as so many people kept talking to me about golf and was  convinced that I would still feel the same about this sport. But how wrong was I? After my first few lessons I realised that I was beginning to enjoy this. But if it hadn’t been for my instructor encouraging me and convincing me that I had a very natural swing I probably wouldn’t have returned or even considered pursuing this sport further.

This got me thinking about how we sometimes view life, view other people and can be influenced so much by the opinions of others in our culture and society who hold similar views to ourselves. During these golf lessons I found my own opinion being confronted and my perception of this sport changing. Now don’t get me wrong I could have had the lessons and simply not enjoyed it or had any genuine ability to be able to play. This sport isn’t for everyone but I guess what I am trying to say is that I gave it a go to find out what it was really like.

I got involved in the lives of others who love this sport – met with them on their turf,  listened to them, learned from their experiences and participated with them. How could I really give a true and honest opinion anyway about this sport without experiencing it or being open to be challenged by other people who play golf and enjoy this sport. Where did my previous opinion come from?

It’s interesting reflecting back on this experience that may seem small or trivial but when I meet other people now who don’t have any interest in this sport or enjoy it – I find myself being confronted with the other opinion – the one which I use to believe in too.

So what is normal ?

To be continued…………….

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