Hungry for food

The thought of food no longer being affordable for many people in the UK is simply hard to imagine and this Christmas there will be many families not able to put a meal on their table. Recent research is steering towards the fact that many people who were on what was once regarded as reasonable salaries can now no longer afford to eat enough, much less eat enough healthy food.

Some interesting facts that I have discovered over the past few weeks:

Did you know that more than 13 million people, who live in poverty in the UK, suffer what the Joseph Rowntree Trust says are food shortages on a scale not seen since wartime rationing?

People are now hungry for food but that hunger is growing for nutritionally healthy food.

Did you know that food prices have spiked across the world but in Britain we import around 40% of our food?

Did you know that food prices have risen at more than twice the EU average and families are struggling to afford food that has increased by 32% since 2007?

Britain being the seventh richest country in the world now has people that are hungry, hungry for nutritionally healthy food.

I love the heart that so many people in our society have for the poor, the homeless, the under privileged, the single mum who struggles to make ends meet and the beggar who sits waiting on the street. Endless needs surround us everyday and so many stories of poverty in our communities often remain hidden, behind closed doors.

I love seeing community in action and an organisation that is doing a great work with helping communities and people in need is FareShare, the UK charity that helps to feed 36,500 people every day. They are involved in redistributing high-quality, surplus food from the food industry to a network of community organisations that help support vulnerable people across Britain. With many families feeling the pinch financially as a result of unemployment, redundancies, the high cost of living and government spending cuts Fareshare, is having an amazing impact on communities with people in need of food.

FareShare, also have a depot in Belfast in partnership with Council for the Homeless Northern Ireland (CHNI), that enables them to support many communities throughout the whole Island of Ireland. This depot, the first operation opened by FareShare Island of Ireland, receives surplus food from retailers and manufacturers throughout Ireland and they distribute it to local charities feeding hungry and vulnerable people.

Interested in finding out more about Fareshare Island of Ireland check out their website

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