The Space Between – a review

A few weeks ago I attended a TEDx Belfast Woman’s event, the first of its kind for women on the Island of Ireland. It was a fantastic day packed full of stories of woman who are having an impact in the business world and in their local community. It was a day of inspiration for many and very encouraging to hear how many different women from various walks of life are living out their dreams and influencing “the space between” in this nation.

We all have a story. We all have dreams about our future, aspirations and ambitions about where we would love to be and what we would love to be doing. Nothing brings more peace and satisfaction in life, knowing that you’re fulfilling your destiny and living out the life that you have been created to live. Life is full of purpose, once you know the  real meaning of life and purpose itself, you realise that life is a precious gift.

This day was full of fresh imagination and reminded me of the uniqueness of our culture and the array of diverse perspectives through which we view life and each other. It was a day to be reminded of how we can learn so much from each other by sharing our stories and our experiences. It encouraged many women to not give up, to hold onto the dream, the seed that’s in your heart, that thing that you are most passionate about doing and pursue it no matter what challenges or obstacles in life you face. Nothing is impossible.

 Some memorable quotes from the day:

 “No one succeeds alone, you need team”

 “Short term thinking – avoid it at all costs”

 “Find your passion, identify it and pursue it”

 “Ambition – it’s not a dirty word”

 “There’s no such thing as failure”

 “Aim high – reach for your dreams”

 “Learn to dodge the curve balls”

 “Don’t let others measure you by your success”

 “Leap and the net will appear”

 “No one is free of pain and suffering but by sharing your story it helps on the  journey of setting many free”

 “We should not disempower our children if they are going to get onto the world stage. They need new tribal skills, not the skills of the past”

 “Embrace change”

 “People often forget that kindness is free”

If you missed this year’s TEDx Belfast Woman, don’t miss it next year, it’s well worth setting aside a day from the busyness of life to hear many amazing stories both near and far that will simply inspire and encourage you to pursue your dream!