The Great Argentine Revival

I love reading stores that inspire and challenge my faith. Over the summer I’ve been delving into some great books about prayer and reading stories from history where God has answered the prayers of his people in quite profound and extraordinary ways. This week I’ve been reading about the story of R. Edward Miller, an... Continue Reading →


Give me a heart like yours

O Lord, you indwell our shabby human life, lifting it now and then above the dominance of animal passion and greed, allowing it to shine with borrowed lights of love and joy and peace, and making it a mirror of the beauties of a world unseen. Grant that my part in the world's life today may... Continue Reading →

Scandalous grace

Over the Christmas holidays, I found myself taking some time to reflect on grace and how much Gods grace actually pursues us when we least deserve it when we mess up or fail to maintain the right way. There are so many examples throughout the bible of men and women whom you would never expect to be chosen by God... Continue Reading →

For to us a child is born

The Great Turning Point of All Things "What kings and leaders of nations, philosophers and artists, founders of religions and teachers of morals have tried in vain to do – that now happens through a new-born child. Putting to shame the most powerful human efforts and accomplishments, a child is placed here at the midpoint... Continue Reading →

Top reads during 2016

I love reading and spend most of my working days in the office delving into news about sustainability and researching all kinds of things on our global environment but when I get the chance, the odd evening I’ll curl up on the sofa with a bundle of books and read something more spiritual. Here are... Continue Reading →

Awaken us !

This week as I've been reflecting on Advent and Christmas from Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book "God in a manger" I've been reminded once again of the importance of this time of year ....reminded of the times and seasons in our lives where we wait. Waiting in wonder, waiting in silence, waiting with impatience and waiting with... Continue Reading →

I wait for you

  In the waiting In the watching In the stillness of this hour I come I long for you I wait for you With all of my brokenness With all of my emptiness With all of my loneliness I come I long for you I wait for you Here in this place, I find you Not in... Continue Reading →

You pass me by

You pass me by every day; And I wonder - what you really think? Lost in my thoughts, sitting on the streets; With no place to call home. Every day I linger in the same place. I wait - hoping for someone to rescue me. Reaching out my hands; Hoping to catch a few coins ; To... Continue Reading →

A prayer

A prayer from the Anglican collect for Ash Wednesday   Merciful Lord, You know our struggle to serve you; When sin spoils our lives and overshadows our hearts, Come to our aid and turn us back to you again; Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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