Hi my name is Gillian. Welcome to my space and place for sharing some thoughts and reflections on life, culture, and spirituality.

We all need a space to be – to practice creativity, to breathe deeply, to laugh loudly, to wait patiently,  to reflect honestly, to listen attentively, to journey slowly and to learn from those who’ve already stepped ahead along the path.

Life is a journey – an adventure. Sometimes deep- sometimes wide. Sometimes happy – sometimes sad. Mostly uncertain – were hope and faith keep us alive.

Life is a roller coaster – full of ups and full of downs. A journey that often takes a lifetime of discovering its higher purpose – the divine –  full of meaning – full of hopes – full of dreams – full of purpose – this is the journey – the desire -for all of humankind.

Hope you enjoy some of my thoughts and musings! May it encourage you to never give up on hope no matter where you find yourself today on this pathway throughout life!