Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Gillian and having spent a number of years writing articles for an environmental business magazine as part of my everyday job I decided to create another space and place to share some other thoughts and reflections about life, culture and spirituality. I’m not a professional blogger by any means but on occasions in my spare time I enjoy expressing my reflections through writing.

I have a great love for the outdoors and have always had an interest in nature. The name of this blog came together when I was on holiday in Ireland, sitting and looking out over a lake surrounded by mountains. I’d been reading and reflecting on the story of creation in the bible. Thinking about the vastness of our world and the beauty of how it has all been created with such detail, its mystery and the wonder of how it is all held together in the palm of Gods hand.

Day by day even in the smallest and most significant things in life, if we take just a moment to stop, to ponder, to breathe and look around, there is something profoundly beautiful everywhere. From the state of an art building, to a person walking along the street, to the birds flying and singing in the sky, a plant growing in a garden or waves crashing in over the sea -there’s something beautiful in everything that reminds us about creation.

Such beauty that we can easily miss it with the busyness of life, if we fail to take time to really appreciate all that has been created.Yet when we look closely enough, maybe we can also see a distortion, the imperfection and the things that taint the world we live in. Our world is very much a broken and fractured place, full of hurt and pain. Our lives are also broken and very often we feel so incomplete or that we don’t just quite fit in. Here’s the thing, as the people of God “we don’t” because we are part of a different kingdom – the kingdom of God.

We keep looking forward with faith and hope to the day when all things will be made new, a day when everything will be beautiful and completely whole once again.  As we continue to wait and journey through this life we get to see glimpses in our everyday where the Kingdom of God is breaking out, bringing restoration, bringing life and hope with healing into our broken world. Somehow we have been given  a privilege and a chance to play our part in this powerful gospel story of redemption that continues from the very beginning of time to this time in our lives were we can still see Gods  restorative plan unfold for the world, his mission to bring life and revive tired and weary souls.

This story keeps changing my life and maybe in some profound way through the simple words that I share here, it will encourage you, bring hope and healing to brokenness you feel inside, as you continue to search, just like me, for answers to many questions about what is happening in our world in these days.

Our times and seasons held together in the palm of his hands

Enjoy reading.