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To know and be known

This journey of life with you

Is mysterious in every way

Through the highs and through the lows

Into the valley, along meandering roads

Sometimes hidden – sometimes dark

This is the way that leads to courage

No place I’d rather be

Than here in your love

Trusting you through the unknown

For you will light the way

Each and every day

To stop – to pray, to seek your face

Father help me to find the way

To make sense of the call to walk this way

Where there are no well worn paths

The rugged road with stoney ground

Your footsteps by my side

This is the way – walk in it

Holding your hand to help and guide

For I will lead you and never forsake you

I will be your light in the dark

There is a way that leads to life

Sometimes through stormy seas

Sometimes through the wilderness

Trust me – for I Am who I say I Am

The Alpha and Omega

The beginning and the end

There are no other gods before me

I am the one who was – and is – and is to come

Through the ancient ways I will teach you

Where tapestry displays the glory of God

The beauty of God and Christ’s humanity

Let me teach you more about the sacred way

How to care for the soul

How to follow me where others fear to go

There is an ancient way

That leads to life

There is a narrow gate

A way through to follow me

Many have lost there way

And I’ve come that you may know

The way that leads to life

I have come that you may know about

The kingdom of God

On earth as it is in heaven

Let me know you

That you may know me

For it is in knowing yourself

That I am known

And it is in knowing God

That you are known

This beautiful dance between us

This longing to know God

To be known by God

Reveals more about who I am

And more about – who is God?