He knows absolutely everything

Who has ever known what God is really thinking ? Or who could advise God on the next best plan of action for all that is happening in the world today?

As we watch and see the world around us shake with wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, virus outbreaks and plane crashes, how do we as the people of God really hold our heads and keep our focus when there appears to be so much unrest, fear and hopelessness ?

Knowing that God is the only one who knows absolutely everything from the beginning of time, to this very present day in our lives and for what has still yet to unfold, should bring us much comfort and peace knowing that we can totally trust His sovereignty.

I have just finished re-reading Andrew Wilson’s book “Incomparable” and been spending some time reflecting on a quote from well known author John Piper, who expresses the knowledge of God, and reminds us of how great our God really is;

“Gods knowledge is unfathomably deep. He knows all recorded facts – all the facts stored in all the books in all the libraries in the world. But vastly more than that, he knows all events at the macro level – all that happens – all that happens on earth and in the atmosphere and in all the farthest reaches of the space in every galaxy and star and planet. And all the events at the micro level – all that happens in molecules and atoms and electrons and protons and neurons and quarks. He knows all their movements and every location and every condition of every particle of the universe at every nanosecond of time …. When one event happens, he not only sees it, but the eternal chain of effects that flow from it and from all the billions of events that are unleashed by every other event. He knows all this without the slightest strain on his mind. That is what it means to be God.”

In a world that seems to becoming increasingly gripped with fear and uncertainty, there is one thing for sure, Jesus is our hope. He is our reference point. 

He is the Alpha and the Omega.

He is the beginning and the end.

He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

He knows absolutely everything there is to know about everything!