Miracle Workers, Reformers and The New Mystics

One of my most favourite books that I have read recently is John Crowders book on “Miracle Workers, Reformers and The New Mystics”. This book is packed full of stories giving a fresh perspective on the wonderworkers and visionaries of the past. Unveiling the remarkable things that many great men and women of God have done throughout history. They have been spiritual forerunners who have demonstrated supernatural experiences in their lives. 

It’s profound to think that as Gods people today we stand on the shoulders of these giants and spiritual forerunners, running our race for God, from a place where they have passed on a legacy to the generations that follow. 

What an honour. 

What a privilege to follow in the foot steps of men and women who are history makers, Christian Mystics and revivalists who sacrificed their lives to follow Jesus, to see the Kingdom of God break out. Men and women who wept and prayed, who preached with such power and authority, who prayed for the sick to be healed and the dead to be raised. Men and women who endured great persecution in those days for their faith in order that the Kingdom of God would advance and prevail. 

Men and women like Smith Wigglesworth, Aimee Semple McPherson, George Whitfield, Brother Laurence, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Johnathan Edwards and many others with profound stories that we can learn so much from. Stories that demonstrate the power of a miraculous God who was at work in their day and through His amazing grace called very ordinary people to do extraordinary things that changed the lives of generations to come.

They played a part in changing the face of Christianity. 

When we read throughout history we find that there is so much we can still learn from the past and when we hear stories of what other spiritual forerunners have accomplished it inspires our faith even more as we look from the past and journey into the future of possibility in these days.

We now live in the fruitfulness of what many others have sown throughout history. 

We stand on the shoulders of giants. 

There is still so much for all of us to learn as Gods people today. We have not yet arrived at the place where God is calling us too. Oh that we would continue to earnestly run the race and finish well for the King of Kings. For sadly many throughout history have run the race but they have not finished well. 

This remains a challenge for Gods people today as we continue to look ahead and run the race as we wait for Christs return. It’s so important that we have determined our role and the part that we have been called to play, so that we can stand firm and not be shaken or swayed from our faith. 

Oh that we would finish the race well.  

Oh that we would see in days ahead that which the fathers of our faith longed to see. 

Here’s a quote from Crowders book;

To fully understand the scope of the power that is coming to the church in our day. It’s important to consider the times in which we live. Society itself is on the verge of sweeping transformation. The church is in the brink of spiritual renaissance and revolutionary structural change, to be set as a gem in the mist of a fallen world. Amid the darkness and defeat at the end of the age, the church will shine like a beacon, displaying the power and glory of God’s Kingdom as she arises as the spotless Bride. The Lords intent to bring the restoration of all things first through His people. No matter what state the church appears to be in today, no matter the depth of apathy or traditionalism, we cannot give up on her.  A cornerstone of the Kingdom of Gods heart for redemption and restoration.”

“We are living in exciting times – days that the fathers of our faith longed to see, as latter rains of Gods presence are poured out on His people. Life is being restored. The church again waking up……”

We have been called to do extraordinary things. Like the fathers of our faith we too will have a story to tell that will be full of supernatural experiences pouring out from our our everyday lives. 

There is more to be written in the books of our stories. Don’t stop sharing your story. Keep writing down those moments of encounter with the King. For everyday we are paving a pathway for a future generation to come. For every prayer that we pray, it’s not wasted. We have a responsibility to pass on the baton well as we build a legacy for a future generation that will walk behind us.

Let it be a great story that we leave behind, that inspires many others to have great faith in God. We are simply ordinary people doing extraordinary things as we partner with a miraculous God.

What a privilege to be alive at this time in history. Called to be a radical generation who walk the earth in these last days.

God has got so much more in store for us.