Sometimes we may wonder where this journey of life will take us. Sometimes we may even wonder what it’s really all about. We may even wonder what kind of impact the change in our society is having with our daily lives. But sometimes it’s those precious moments of time that we miss most of all. We may even look back with some regret and wonder how we could regain some of our lost time.

Time to sit. Time to be still. Time to laugh.
Time to have fun. Time to cry. Time to dream.
Time to talk. Time to listen. Time to focus.
Time to stop. Time to share. Time to care.
Time to be there. Time to work. Time to love.
Time to write. Time to think. Time to breath.
Time to reflect. Time for team. Time for family.
Time for friendship. Time for my neighbour. Time for intimacy with God.

Time to pause just for a moment and to know that all is well.

All is well with my soul.

Sometimes we may wonder about the mystery of His love, the mystery of His grace and this gift of life that he has given. Sometimes we may wonder about the whole depth of Salvation and His redemptive plan. We may even have many questions or thoughts spinning around. But somehow it keeps us searching and we keep seeking His face.

Sometimes we may wonder about this mystery. The mystery of His love and this glorious gospel story. The wonder of the whole of creation. The wonder of mankind made in the image of God. The wonder of the Kingdom of Heaven with all the angels that surround. So many mysteries about a supernatural Kingdom. So many secrets, so profound, with many hidden treasures to be found. What splendour, what majesty, that the riches of His Kingdom have been poured out upon us, His beautiful bride.

There is a mystery, a wonder in it all.

Yet what is this that you are mindful of me, the Son of man that you should care for me?

You call me to come closer. You draw me nearer. You love it when we linger, when we wait, when we are still. When we are in the place of knowing that you are God and we hear your gentle whisper.

We know that all is well. It is well with my soul.

You know our every thought before we think it. Our every word before we speak it. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me to comprehend. You know all of my days and all of my ways. You never grow tired or weary of me, of my weaknesses, of my failings, of my weariness or my complaint.

Through every storm you are there. Through the wind and the waves you are there. It’s your peace that reigns. It’s your will that still prevails. You neither slumber, nor sleep. You never miss a moment. You never miss a waking hour. You are always there.

Such love, such wonderful love.
This is amazing love. This is amazing grace.

Yet what is this that you are mindful of me, the Son of man that you should care for me?

We are much more than a spec of dust from the earth or a grain of sand from the seashore. Much more than an atom or a molecule or DNA. We have been created in the image of God. Knit together in our mother’s womb. Even then you knew me. You had a rescue plan prepared for me. A redemption plan for the whole world. Our identity shaped and marked out by you. The story of our lives written by you, Redeemer of the world.

I am completely undone by the measure of this love, this grace. That you would give your life for me, sacrifice your Son for me.

Yet what is this that you are mindful of me, the Son of man that you should care for me?

We are nothing without you, yet everything with you.