The light of the World has come.

The light has come!

A Saviour born!

No ordinary birth. 

A prophetic promise – come to pass!

What the Old Testament prophets foretold. 

Oh God of Israel, oh God our Emmanuel 

For Christ has come. Christ is born. 

Oh come, oh come to us  

Oh God, of Israel

Our God, our Emmanuel!

One day every eye will see 

One day every  tongue will confess – that He is Lord. 

The light of the world has come. 

A light so much brighter than any star that shines. 

A light that illuminates and breaks through every chain of darkness. 

A light that will change the world forever. 

A light that will illuminate and reveal Christ to us  

The light of the world. 

A light that would begin a war to take back everything that’s been stolen. Everything that’s been broken and fractured in our relationship with God. 

This light would bring Jesus into the world  

 It would bring salvation, healing and restoration  

 It would redeem every broken fragmented piece of our humanity. 

Making a way for a new creation – a new humanity – a new covenant relationship with God, through Jesus. 

No greater love is there than this  

To lay down one’s life for his friends, for the sake of the world. 

No greater sacrifice 

No greater love  

No greater purpose. 

For the cross has accomplished it all. 

The light of Christ broke into the world.

Salvation has come. 

Death has lost its sting. 

For the light of the world has come. 

To overcome the darkness. 

Christ has come and He will come again. 

Oh come,  oh come to us, 

Oh come, oh God of Israel.

Our God, our Emmanuel!

The light of the world