Unplugged and Rewired

Ever found yourself in a place where you feel like you need to be unplugged and rewired in your relationship with God? Somehow you feel disconnected and are struggling with having intimacy with your Heavenly Father?

Over the past few months I have found myself walking through a refining and yet very refreshing journey where I know the Holy Spirit is teaching and re-teaching me many things about the Father heart of God, my identity and the importance of having daily intimacy with my Heavenly Father. It’s not something that we should have to switch on or switch off as the people of God, as we are already in the river of intimacy with God. But it definitely does require our time and effort to be proactive with developing a life with spiritual discipline and putting in place boundaries to make it happen.

We are part of an amazing God story. We have an amazing Father who loves us and cherishes and is devoted to us. The cross has accomplished it all and we have been redeemed, set free with access to the Father 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and for all eternity. Created to walk in daily communion with Jesus, created to worship the King of our lives and have an intimate relationship with Him. But to remain in that place is very often a big challenge when life is busy and we find ourselves pushing against the tide of so many things in our culture and society that bombard us, distract us and wear us out.

There is a daily need in our lives to continually abide with Him and allow Him to abide with us. Relationship is a two way process and it takes time, commitment and effort to make it happen. As the people of God living out the story of God in this city this is vital if the body of Christ is going to be successful in living out a Kingdom of God lifestyle in the simplicity of the every day and refuse to allow the tide of our cultural beliefs or opposition to overwhelm or even oppress us.

Someone reminded me recently “Your secret history with God is something that no one else can have. It’s yours”. What happens in that secret place with God is so key to ensure that we remain tuned in and keep in step with the Holy Spirit. We need to hear His voice, so that we will respond to the Fathers will and bring the Kingdom of God into the dark places of our City and reveal the love of Christ to those who do not know Him.

Called and chosen for a purpose, His Kingdom purposes. We need to get to know our Heavenly Father, learn how to hear His voice so that we will walk in obedience by following Him where He desires to lead us. He desires to have that time getting to know us in the secret place. He desires intimacy and we have been created to have that kind of relationship with Him. No one else can cultivate your secret history with God. Only you can!

There are seasons in life where we may find ourselves being unplugged and rewired as our Father draws us into a deeper place of intimacy with Him so that we reflect more of His glory and character to those around us.

Surely there is too much at stake to try and live out our lives any other way! Without a doubt I need His help daily as I journey and develop a secret history with God, learning how to follow and walk in obedience with my Father, hungry to see an increasing measure of His Kingdom break out in the places where my feet tread daily.

Don’t be afraid to spend time with Him. Let Him unplug you, rewire you and reconnect you. Rich will be the reward for those who are faithful and obedient and who have been shaped by their secret history with God.

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