You pass me by

You pass me by every day;
And I wonder – what you really think?
Lost in my thoughts, sitting on the streets;
With no place to call home.
Every day I linger in the same place.
I wait – hoping for someone to rescue me.
Reaching out my hands;
Hoping to catch a few coins ;
To help me along the way.
You pass me by every day;
And I wonder – what you really think?
Nothing in my life seems secure anymore.
I have nothing, feel like nobody.
Everyday more uncertain.
Feeling down – maybe even depressed
No place to find comfort.
Memories only bring pain and regret
I’ve forgotten what it’s like to laugh
To smile, feel joy, have a meal – to taste love
Will I die today?
Live until tomorrow?
You pass me by every day;
And I wonder – what you really think?
Do I make you feel uncomfortable?
You can’t even look me in the eye.
How can you simply walk on by?
Is there any compassion at all?
My heart begins to sigh
Not even a smile or hello
It’s been a while since I have felt love
The pain of loneliness – it cuts so deep
Feeling numb – detached inside
Have lost my voice, when our worlds collide
Yet you pass me by every day
And I wonder – what you really think?
Why do you never stop?
Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?
Have I become like the scum of the earth?
My heart sighs, it ache’s inside;
Nowhere to run, no place to hide.
I’d love to tell you my story someday;
To help you understand!

You see, maybe I am just like you.
Looking at – the other – who’s passing me by;
Who is – just like me!
Wondering – what you really think? -when you pass me by!
Not knowing what to do; what to say or how to help?
Like me – your hearts sigh;
Asking this same question – searching for the reason?
Wondering why?

This is my daily hope!
Maybe even a prayer.
Someday you’ll stop,
Someday we’ll talk, hear each others story;
Someday we’ll no longer pass each other by!
Somehow we will no longer be strangers.
Someday we will become friends.