I wait for you


In the waiting
In the watching
In the stillness of this hour

I come
I long for you
I wait for you

With all of my brokenness
With all of my emptiness
With all of my loneliness

I come
I long for you
I wait for you

Here in this place, I find you

Not in the wind
Nor in the fire
But with a gentle whisper

Like a trickle
Within a breeze
Your presence comes

Around me
Upon me
Within me

You whisper words

That bring peace
That bring hope
That bring love

It’s here, I have found You

In the stillness
In the quietness
In the beauty of this place

Your peace, like a river
So deep and so wide
Fills every space and every void

Jesus, I come.

I wait for You.

It’s here, I desire to linger.