Awaken us !

This week as I’ve been reflecting on Advent and Christmas from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book “God in a manger” I’ve been reminded once again of the importance of this time of year ….reminded of the times and seasons in our lives where we wait. Waiting in wonder, waiting in silence, waiting with impatience and waiting with an aching and a longing for more.

We wait with hope and we wait in faith.

For most of our life’s journey, we spend much of our time waiting. Some of that time spent waiting for promises to still be fulfilled, for a healing touch. Waiting for a friend to come to know Christ, for a new job or for marriage. Waiting for a new home, for a baby to be born or a loved one to pass away. Waiting for the dust to settle, to wake in the morning and embrace the gift and grace for another day.

Much of our lives we spend more time waiting than we actually realise. The children of Israel spent 40 years journeying and waiting to enter the promised land and even today the people of God still wait for the promise to be fulfilled that Christ will come again. Throughout the years of waiting if we are really honest, it’s easy to become so accustomed to the idea of divine love and Christ’s coming at Christmas, that we no longer feel any of the fear that Christ’s coming once again should awaken within us.

Our days during this time of year are often taken over by so many other narratives, one being the stress that preparing for this time of year can bring. What would it really take for us all to slow down to reflect and embrace the full measure and depth of meaning this time of year can bring into our lives. To go against the flow of our culture and to freshly embrace this season of waiting, taking time to reflect on Christ’s coming into the world and the continuation of daily expectation we should carry with us of His coming once again.

Someday soon – Christ will come again and as we wait and keep watch – let’s remain full of expectation.

Let this season of waiting – awaken us.

Happy Advent.