Light in the darkness

His breath filled all things with a living, breathing light

– a light that thrives in the depths of darkness

His light will always shine and never fade away

A light that is always brighter than the darkness that surrounds us or tries to overwhelms us

His light shines!

His light shines in us.!

His light shines through us. A light so powerful – it causes the darkness to flee!

His light is always more powerful than the darkness.

Jesus Christ is the light of the world and darkness and death have not overcome Him

We have nothing to fear even though we may see it. We are to fear no evil, even though we may sense it.

For He has already overcome it all.

His light shall always shine brighter than the darkness. It has never stopped shining. It has never grown dim or faded away. It burns like a fire. It lights up the sky by day and the moon and stars by night.

The whole cosmos is alive with the light of His presence.

His light shall always invade the darkness. His light shall always push back the darkness. It’s always present in the now moments.

The light of Christ shall always be made know to the world. For one day every eye shall see, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that – Jesus Christ is Lord.

He is the light of the world.

Through the pain, through the sorrow, through the grief, through the loss.

His light will always pave a way through the storm, through the darkest of days. His light will alway make a way when there seems to be no other way. His light will always reveal Christ to us and Christ within us.

Even though the darkness may seem to overwhelm us. His word will be a lamp unto our feet.

Let His light shall shine in the darkness. Do not try to hide it. People need to see the light of Christ.

Let His words comfort you. Let His love embrace you. Let His light lead you. Let hope restore you – the hope that is already within you.

For His hope will always be there even when we feel hopeless. His hope will always sustain us even when pain or grief overwhelms us. His hope has never left us. His hope has always been with us. His hope shall sustain us.

Let your Light shine in the darkness. Let your light lead us through the pathway we’ve never been before.

Burn Like a fire within us.

Let hope be restored.

For this light and hope has always been with us.