My times in your hand

“My times are in your hand” Psalm 31

Our God has got the whole world in His hands.

Through these days of shaking, disillusionment and chaos around the globe, many of us in our generation of western society have been confronted with a fear and anxiety like never before. Even the fear of death has thrown us all into a place were we find ourselves asking some profoundly deep personal questions about life;

In whose hands are our times?

I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life time. A virus that has created a storm, overwhelmed and shaken us. Perhaps it’s even challenging our faith in God and confronting us with another question;

What do I really believe?

For He’s got the whole world in His hands and what really counts now is to know that He’s got my times in His hands;

My times of well being

My times of wondering

My times of questioning

My times of searching

My times of waiting

My times of obedience

My times of joy

My times of love

My times of pain

My times of grief

My times of sorrow

My times of lament

My times of hope

My times of vulnerability

My times isolation

My times on loneliness

My times of comfort

My times of fear

My times of anxiety

My times of despair

My times of chaos

My times of healing

My times of failure

My time of dying, in the palm of Your hand.

It’s all in Gods hand. Comfort to my soul. My life held in the palm of His hand. So tenderly, so carefully, so attentively.

Every moment of time.

Every moment of each day.

Every breath I breathe, held in His hand

The giver of life.

My life in His hands.

Picture for a moment, the journey for Jesus towards the cross, the pain, the anguish, facing death, yet knowing – His life held in Gods hand. Such trust in the Fathers love and care for Him. He journeyed through so much suffering for the sake of the world. To make a way for you, for me. He knew His Father held Him in the palm of His hand. Holding every moment of time and history in His hands.

On the cross, we hear that Jesus said; “Father, into your hand I commend my life”.

This hand of God so powerful, holding the whole world together. Restoring and healing all that is broken through the cross. This hand of God so powerful to hold Christ’s life. This same hand that holds my life together – in the palm of His hand.

Could it be that my times are actually held within Your power. Held in the power of Your hand. My whole life placed within Your power. My life paved out for your plans and purposes. For my life is not fully dependant upon me. Jesus life was not fully dependant upon him. He relinquished it all, gave Himself fully to God, who gave Him every breathe in the first place.

He yielded it all to Him.

Hanging on the cross for you, for me. He gave His final breath, His last breath. Yielded His life for you, for me.

So as we ask, in whose hands are our times?

Is it the hand of fear, of guilt, of greed, of selfishness? Or is it the hand of love, of hope, of joy, or grace, of peace, of mercy, and justice?

These are days for putting our trust in Him, for our times are in Gods hand.

He’s got the whole world in His hands. He’s got our life, our spirit and every breath given by the Father held together in the palm of His hands. Who gives us all that we have and all that we are.

Our times in His hand.

Now we wait, we rest just as Christ waited and rested in the tomb, expectantly waiting for that third day when the powerful hand of God would awaken Him, raise Him back to life from the grave. The very breath of God.

Christ alive, Christ risen.

Now we wait expectantly in these days. Our times, in His hands.

For Christ to come again.

We wait for more of Christ to be revealed. For more of the Kingdom of God to be revealed. To breakout around the globe in all of its splendour and glory. We wait for the powerful Hand of God to move leading us through these challenging times.

For my life is not dependant upon me, it’s dependant upon Him.

He’s got the whole world in His hands.

He’s got you and me in His hands.

My times are in Your hand.