In the corner it’s beautiful

He keeps struggling with our reluctancies and hesitations. He comes and convicts me over something, and I begin to fidget. 

We are real tough to handle, aren’t we? 

The gracious Holy Spirit does not push. He just does some gentle nudging. 

When you fidget and become restless, He stops for awhile and let’s you go on. Then He comes again and catches you in a corner where you don’t fidget so much.

In the corner, He does His beautiful work of turning you around. 

And what do we see? 

The Lamb of God. 

The cutting of the stone is done and you have been fitted in! That is how He is taking us, stones of all races and backgrounds, and fitting us together into a beautiful dwelling place of God. 

Festo Kivengere, who served with the African Enterprise

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