We are His delight

Somedays in life we may not feel that we are loved and accepted but when our Heavenly Father looks upon us what does He really see ?

Our Father in Heaven doesn’t just stoop down and look upon us for a fleeting moment. He absolutely showers His love, attention, acceptance and delight upon us continually. He delights in us all of the time with the same measure of His delight in His Son and in all that he has created. For in all that He has created it is good and flows from a place of complete and utter beauty, rest, perfection, love, pleasure and delight. 

We are His sheer delight. 
We are His pleasure. 
We are the people of His pasture.
We are His representation of the glory of Christ upon the earth as it is in heaven. 
We are His beautiful bride, spotless and without blemish.
We are His treasured possession.

So when my Heavenly Father looks upon me what does He really see?

He sees the beautiful delight of Himself and the image of God in me! 

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