The Unknown Way

Sometimes the path we take may lead us into the unknown. Sometimes we have a choice to make – wondering which way to go? Or sometimes there is only one way through to the other side.

With every step we take in life we learn more about overcoming the fear of stepping into the unknown – we take a risk and we put faith into action. For very often we cannot see the way ahead and yet that’s what we are waiting for – to see what we cannot see. To hope that we can find a better way. There’s no short cuts in this life – its tough and we are a fool to think it will be anything less. We cannot escape the pain or the uncertainties – but there is a way that brings comfort to the soul and peace to the mind. As we journey through life we become more familiar with the less familiar pathway and in our search for something more we can find something new and fresh. We find that it’s here in this place that we realise more that He is the only one who can restore and satisfy our soul.

We realize that we always learn something new in the unknown – we see more of the beautiful life we were made for. We grow. We learn. We stumble. We fall trying to find our way. Our senses are awakened to all that is unfamiliar and new around us. Our trust, our faith and vulnerability teach us so much more than we could ever learn along familiar paths. Yet we are truly thankful for the seasons of life that take us along those well worn paths – for sometimes it’s in those places that we find rest for our soul and the patience to wait for a new open door.

This is how the journey of life unfolds. The pathway ahead always guaranteed to be full of the unknown. With our complacency sometimes we find ourselves stuck – discontented with the old familiar ways that make us feel secure. We realise more and more that it is in the unknown and less familiar places and spaces that we dare to risk it all and plunge out into the depths of the sea. Searching for more. We learn how to swim once more in the river and in the depths of the ocean of His love. We abandon it all – no longer afraid. Trusting in the unknown ways to lead us on. Learning more about how to lean into His everlasting arms and lean less on our own understanding. We learn to trust Him and to follow Him in all of the pathways – for they lead us into a deeper intimacy with Him. This satisfies the soul.

May we become more familiar with the unfamiliar and unknown pathways. For this is where we are meant to be and this is where He always loves to bring us to. The place where a deeper faith is born. Teaching us how to live, breathe and follow Him. What an adventure life really is if we embrace more of the unknown way.