Love for humanity

As another year has come to an end and as I’ve been reflecting on this year I can’t help wonder about all that’s happening in our world today and ask what have we done with our love for humanity?

What do we really see?

How do we feel? Moved by love or compelled by anger?

Have we become numb that nothing seems to move us or disturb us anymore?

A world with many cities growing, many nations rising, many nations falling. They all have their divisions – their fights- their plunders, rising inequality, injustice – hatred, and violence. We see so much suffering throughout the world but do we even feel the cry of humanity, the human heart and how it hurts? Have we switched off no longer acknowledging the pain? Do we yearn for our Fathers heartbeat for the world? Do we feel His compassion or His anger?

When was the last time we really wept for someone’s life? For a city – for a nation? Really wept because we were moved with such love and the compassion of our Fathers heart to see change -to see love win – to see a faithful generation arise – to partner with Him in what He is already doing – the good work that He is already doing in so many hearts and lives. What do you see? What do you really see?

When was the last time we noticed this in someone’s life? When was the last time we fell down on our knees and really prayed for our friends or for our enemies? For our city and talked to Him about what we see – what He sees and what He desires to do? When was the last time we stopped to listen to Him and hear what He has to say?

What do we do with what He asks?

A world – in full of chaos – uncertainty has become the name for the days we find ourselves in – fear about the future is crippling many. The visible signs that kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall.  Nations are shaken but His kingdom is reigning over all. Even from the beginning of time, when His spirit hovered over the watery abyss – His presence was there and even today in the midst of the chaos His presence remains faithfully with us – His presence is everywhere.

The wonder of the story of creation – it’s foundation shapes our lives – from the tragedy of the fall and sins corruption to the wonders of His amazing grace, patience, and love for the whole of mankind. God has a rescue plan – sent His son in the form of a child into the world – to bring peace. For unto us a child is born – a son has been given – Immanuel – God with us and the government shall be upon His shoulders. Every tribe, every tongue, and every nation. Bringing peace to all of the different kinds of people. Drawing us closer, drawing us nearer. Drawing us together into one body, His body, our body – part of the body of Christ.

We all have a place to be – we are all welcome to come and eat at the table

Instead, we have turned this world into a place of consumerism, rivalry, competition, conflict, and war. We fight between nations and within nations, over politics, different races, the rich and the poor. We fight for resources and power, we fight over religions. Even the nations are in uproar. We protect and defend ourselves, our own families, our heritage, our culture, our nation, our own class, and our religion. The visible signs of our inner lives wage war with guns and missiles. This is how we fight. The visible signs of our inner lives are the words we speak. Words that threaten, words that kill, words that humiliate and reject the very life of those He has created. These are the selfish and harmful words that we speak. We think we are better – we think we are good – yet we fail so many times – we hurt without an apology – forget the word sorry – we inflict wounds, cause each other pain, damaging hearts, creating scars with fragments of shame that remain.

What have we done with our love for humanity? What have we done with our love for one another? That we would lay down our lives for each other. What have we done with faith and faithfulness? Where is all the honesty?

How far would we go until we are given our rightful position and our rightful place? That our voice would be heard – be listed too. How far would we go to gain the respect we so grave – to be acknowledged – to belong – to be a somebody – not just anybody but somebody. Is it our weakness that seeks the affection of man and his praise? This recognition – I’m right – your wrong. But what will it cost? To be noticed – to feel worthy- to accomplish something greater -to trample someone to the ground. Our scandalous words keep knocking each other down. Feeling good or feeling guilty?

We use the power of our words to paint a picture deep and wide – the whole truth or nothing of the truth. To keep each other on side – but who’s side? We tell the full story or maybe half the story. We hide our true selves – our lives masked by our brokenness, our selfish desires, sometimes the lies. That tainted picture covers up who we really are on the inside.

What have we done without love for humanity? What have we done with our love for one another? That we would lay down our lives for one each other.

How far would we go to cover it up or uncover it all? How far would we go to save our dignity and our reputation or lose it all? How far would we go to deny who we really are? How far would we go to love or be loved? How far would we go to seek peace and reconciliation or not seek it at all? How far would we go to destroy one another – this sacred humanity – What will it cost? This love for humanity.

Our soul – maybe even our whole lives?