Come away with me

Come away with me

To a quiet place

I will meet you there

Come away with me

To a quiet place

And you’ll find rest

For your tired and weary soul

Come away with me

To a quiet place

And listen to what I have to say


Stand with me through the storm

Turn your gaze toward me

Watch out for me in the fire

Listen for my gentle whispering in the cave

There is fresh mana

There is new wine

There is a new day coming

There is a harvest for souls

For the lost

For the disillusioned

For the hungry

For the thirsty

For the lonely

For the poor

For the sick and the down trodden

You’ll find me in the margins

In the trenches

With the outcasts in society

At the grass roots in community

With all of humanity

I will be there

For I have come to give life

To tell you about this great story

I have come to redeem

To make all things new 

To forgive

To love

I have come to restore your soul

To make you whole

To be a father to the fatherless

I have come so that you might know me

The king above all kings

The rock of your salvation

The lion and the lamb

Christ who died, Christ who is risen

Christ who will come again


Stop and listen, don’t miss this moment

Don’t miss this time in history

Take a deep breath and breathe afresh once again

Breathe in the breath of God

Abide in His presence

Take refuge in Him

Enjoy His goodness

Feast on the abundance of His provision

Feast on the glory of the cross

Such wonder, such mystery

Drink deeply

Humble yourselves

Bend the knee

Bow before the Lord your maker

For He will heal your land

Fear not for He is with you

The keeper of your soul

The light in the darkness

Who brings Hope in this war

Even though the storm rages

He surrounds me with perfect love

He surrounds me with peace

He calls me to faith not to fear

He calls me to courage not to dismay

He calls me to hope not to hopelessness

 He calls me to serve not to self-protect

He calls me to bless and to give away to others

He leads me through times of lament

That will echo the fame of His name


There is a better day

There is a better way

There is a better place

Be still and know

That I am God

I will always with you

I will never leave you

I will never forsake you

Come away with me

To a quiet place

Find strength for your weary soul