A divine mystery

Oh, love divine, this love excelling

What a mystery, this love

A divine mystery

Concealed from the world for generations

But now revealed, no longer hidden

Now revealed, like a secret surprise

Christ within you, every breath, living in you

Christ who floods my soul

With the expectation of His glory


This mystery, this love divine

Unfolding throughout our lives, like every child’s experience

Throughout all of the generations

No longer hidden from the world, no longer hidden from humanity

His presence surrounds, His presence invades

This is sacred space, with both beauty and time

Living within you, living within me

Flooding my soul, making me whole


This mystery of Christ, embedded within

Never to be shaken, more deeply revealed

This stirring of our faith, echoes like the seas roar

Never to fade away, or diminish

Like a heavenly treasure chest, this gift of life reveals

A love divine, a love excelling

Full of hope, full of glory, full of mystery

Would someone tell me, this old, old story

Of the old rugged cross

The riches of His glory, the riches of His love

A love that still stands

Prevailing through the tests of time

This love never failing, revealing His truth over time

A love that has sacrificed it all


A God who wants everyone to know about it!

This story no longer concealed

Reveals the hidden mystery from the beginning of time

His shadow that washes away every shadow of guilt and shame

Of every evil thought or deed or blame

Through the sacrifice that was made

His body bruised and broken

Releases love, releases hope, releases peace

For all the eyes of the world to see

This sin payment made so that we could dwell

In His presence forever, restoring relationship with Him

Nothing can separate us from this love

Holy and flawless

We’ve been redeemed, we’ve been restored

Fully and completely, by the blood of the Lamb.


Oh what a mystery, this love divine

Never to be shaken from this hope – this radical gospel story

To which we confess, believe

This profound story, throughout the generations

This love divine, this love excelling

This divine mystery, a secret surprise

Once concealed but now alive, for the nations to see

Christ died, Christ risen, Christ in me


For through Him everything has been created

All that is seen and all that is unseen

Everything created for His plan and purpose

Through His blood, the old rugged cross

Everything comes back to Him

Everything that is broken, is now redeemed

Restored and made whole once again

Oh, love divine, this love excelling

Thank you for the old rugged cross

Thank you for the cost

What a mystery, this love

A divine mystery

(inspired by Colossians Ch 2)