We do not know everything but he does

There is one person who knows everything about us. Without a shadow of a doubt he knows us. He knows our very thoughts before we speak them. He knows the number of hairs upon our head. He knows the things that are hidden in the heart. The father of all of creation who has created us, knows us. He sees everything. He watches over all of creation. He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

What I find hard to believe is the belief that others hold, that there isn’t a God who created us. That God doesn’t exist. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Life would be without any meaning. Mankind would have no reason or purpose to live.

The human mind and body is profoundly amazing. The intricate details of how it all functions and how life has been designed and created with every neurone, blood cell, blood vessel and organ playing its part. How the heart beats and our thoughts, feelings and emotions flow.

Have you every really stopped to think about it ?

How you have been created and why you have been created ?

It’s a mystery.

Mankind does not know everything but God does.

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